We teach you how to speak effectively to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Rave Reviews

"Media Training Worldwide is flat out better than any other presentation training firm we have ever used. They get better results in one day of training than other training companies do in 2 day seminars. The bottom line is that Media Training Worldwide changes our executives for the better; when they leave a Media Training Worldwide workshop they speak with much more confidence and passion. TJ Walker has made radical and permanent positive transformations with many of our employees. I can't imagine using any other presentation training firm."
-Jim Miller, Amerada Hess

My name is Michael Gallant and I am the director of public relations for EMC Corporation. We were fortunate to have TJ Walker in for a day of public relations and media training and I can tell you his approach was superb. He was able to help my entire team operate more efficiently (and) maximize their message penetration to their audience. I can tell you his pace was incredible, he was extremely articulate and he got the whole group involved. We really enjoyed the day."
-Michael Gallant, Director of Public Relations for EMC

TJ Walker's single-minded devotion to presentation training has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media.
-Bob Bowdon Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television

"I put the skills learned in your seminar to excellent use. I was told by the producer that it was refreshing to work with someone who was comfortable in front of the camera and could get their message points out. So, kudos to you for training me! It was a wonderful experience."
-Roxanne Moster, UCLA

"I recently had an occasion to address a TV crew concerning the sale of our business being announced. I prepared my "three key points" and kept stating them repeatedly. I did several seconds of air time but was edited to only one key point. When the interview was completed the news reporter commented "you have done this before". Actually I had not, but the Worldwide Media training I received in Chicago really worked. Thanks for giving me the "how to do" and confidence."
-Bill Stricklen, Human Resources Manager, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals LLC

TJ Walker knows the news business. His training sessions cut to the chase and prepare you for the glare of a camera in your face.
-Sean Hennessey, Superintendent Boston Historical National Park (Public Affairs Officer)

Working with T.J. and going through his very effective course is humbling especially when you thought your skills were already adequate. I learned a lot and will carry it with me into every speaking engagement.
-Terry Savage: Superintendent Boston National Historical Park

TJ was able to make me see quickly my strengths and weaknesses in public speaking, and how to correct these faults. My fear of standing before an audience lesson was decreased in one session.
-Richard York, Richard York Gallery

I am extremely pleased with the training I received from T.J. Walker. The information I learned in a single two day session might have taken me a lifetime to accumulate on my own. The sessions have given me confidence to seek out media opportunities, as well as a real sense of my innate capabilities. I found TJ to be engaging and generous with his time. I would highly recommend his services to other university professors who have ideas that they would like to communicate to a much wider public.
-Carol M. Swain, Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University

TJ Walker is a effective, clear communicator who is capable of teaching one of life's most important, and elusive skills, public speaking.
-Charles Ramsey Quest Software VP

The best media training yet, don't go on TV without seeing TJ"
-Michele McGinley, American Dairy Council

Our one-day training program was interesting, fast paced and intense. I see definite improvements in my media clips from before and after the training, and believe I now have the skills to continue to improve. TJ made it very comfortable for participant
-Beth Meyer, American Dairy Council

The next day the phone started ringing. The local TV station wanted an interview. In 25 minutes!

I convened the same brain trust we used last time. In 20 minutes we had three message points. I dreamed up sound bites enroute to the shooting location. The story was the lead on the evening news. Two of the three message points were run. One point had two sound bites attached.

Your training really paid off!

-Michael Hill NPS

Thanks for my amazing, incredible and challenging day of media training. I came away realizing that I loved to talk..... I learned a lot that I can use in radio and in my training.

I mostly loved the idea of "getting my messages across" and "don't be a reference librarian". They were the biggest points I learned. And they are critical. Also to say the name of my book every time I mention the book.
-Kathryn Troutman Resume' Place, Inc

I was particularly pleased with the way Media Training Worldwide customized my training session. They previewed and critiqued my videos and the trainer covered many topics never addressed for me in previous training sessions with other companies.
-Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA,RD,CDN, Media Representative, New York State Dietetic Association

I spent two sessions with TJ, prior to beginning my book tour. The difference is amazing. I have never again used a card or notes or hidden behind a lectern. It's as if TJ freed me to engage an audience with my entire personality.telling stories, getting to key points and really making an impact. Since then, I have given dozens of speeches and am now invited frequently for keynotes.

TJ...I just want to tell you how much you have helped me. At this point, I have given dozens of speeches and nearly as many interviews since your training. I can't believe the difference. Never a lectern or a typed piece of paper or a card. Just feeling easy and excited and happy to speak--with lots of bookings coming up. And the media coverage has been so much more on point...no matter what they ask. Thanks so much...my goal is still to be a 10.
-Mary Lou Quinlan, Just Ask A Woman

"A wonderfully comprehensive training course which focused both on presentation style and forming a cohesive message."
-Gina DiNardo Laeh, American Kennel Club

I think it was one of the very best, if not the best training experience I have ever had. It certainly was humbling as I stumbled over things I wanted to say or couldn't think fast enough, and then thought of a point right after I had said what I had.
-Chip Sharkey, Direct Holdings

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