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"Over the Top" Public Speaking | Media Training

In a recent presentation training course I was conducting, one of my trainees voiced this concern.

"TJ I'm worried that I may be coming across as too passionate and too over the top."

He then suggested that he needed to "tone things down a bit."

I asked his colleagues if anyone thought his presentation was filled with too much passion or was over the top. No one did.

Next, I asked people to think of the thousands of presenters they had seen in their industry during their entire careers.

"How many speakers do you remember who were too passionate and over the topĀ  versus how many speakers were incredibly dull, float and boring?"

The answers were either 1 to 3,000 or 0 to 3000.

Sure, it's possible to give a business presentation that is too passionate and too over the top, but that is a statistically insignificant risk, like worrying about Homer Simpson doing too many sit-ups and developing too thin a waistline.

The real danger for most speakers, the 99.999% likelihood danger, is speaking in a way that is dull, flat and boring. So my advice is to focus on the real dangers, not remotely hypothetical ones.

If you are preparing a business presentation, talk or PowerPoint, focus on how you can add life and passion to your final delivery. Whatever you do, don't waste time trying to figure out how to reduce your energy or passion.

TJ Walker is the President of Media Training Worldwide. http://www.mediatrainingworldwide.com/online-training.html


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