We teach you how to speak effectively to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Media Training Seminar

Are you looking for a media training seminar?

At Media Training Worldwide, we conduct media training seminars around the globe and at our headquarters in New York City.

In every media training seminar, we focus on helping people build four very specific skills:

1. How to look relaxed, confident and comfortable on camera. You can't communicate positive messages about yourself or your organization if people are focusing on you looking nervous or uncomfortable.

2. How to create a focused, clear and concise 30-second media message. It's not about "dumbing down" your message; it's about systematically figuring out what is most important.

3. How to answer questions in an interview. News media interviews aren't like normal conversations or meetings; how you answer questions must be different.

4. How to package your message points with sound bites. It's never enough to just "stay on message." You just also state your message in a quotable manner in order to get the precise quotes or sound bites you want in the final story.

Our media training seminars are designed to help you get the quantifiable results you want out of every interview. That's why the seminars are based on multiple practice interviews on camera for each participant. You will go on camera 10 times per day when you attend the Media Training Worldwide media training seminar. These are not passive, note-taking seminars.

If you are interested in more information on a private media training seminar for your organization nor the next public media training seminar, then please call us today at 212-764-4955

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