We teach you how to speak effectively to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Media Training for PR Professionals

Are you looking for media training for PR professionals?

At Media Training Worldwide we train PR professionals how to deal with the media and how to coach and prepare clients for media interviews. Here is the reality, as PR professionals, you may deal with the media all day long, and schedule interviews for your clients with the media, but unless you came from a background of TV news reporting, you might have little or no experience actually being interviewed on camera. This can be a problem when your clients look up to you as the media expert.

At Media Training Worldwide we teach PR professionals not only how to give a great interview, but also how to coach clients on how to give great interviews. Media Training Worldwide specifically trains PR professionals on the following five skills:

1. How to look relaxed, comfortable and calm on camera.

2. How to shape a 30-second, 3-part media message.

3. How to answer questions in an interview.

4. How to package messages points with sound bites in order to get the exact quotes you planned into the final story.

5. How to train clients and colleagues how to gain the above 4 skills.

At Media Training Worldwide we have trained hundreds and hundreds of PR executives from all over the globe, in private workshops and at professional seminars run through the Public Relations society of America (PRSA), Bulldog Reporter and the Mexican Public Relations society.

We have not only a media training for PR professionals in-person workshop available, but also an online "How to be a Media Trainer" course that is popular with PR professionals.

Please call TJ Walker at Media Training Worldwide at 212.764.4955 to discuss your media training needs and goals.

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