We teach you how to speak effectively to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Media Training for Attorneys

Are you looking for media training for attorneys?

At Media Training Worldwide we teach attorneys how to speak effectively to the news media. You might not want to be the next Alan Dershowitz, Gloria Allred or Gerry Spence, but chances are you will need to talk to reporters, news anchors and talk show hosts regarding legal issues affecting your clients or your areas of expertise. Why not learn how to be great at dealing with the media in the shortest time possible?

No matter what law school you attended, it is unlikely you were taught how to communicate effectively to the news media; the process is very different from speaking to judges and juries or writing legal briefs.

At Media Training Worldwide, we teach attorneys the following:

1. How to sound and look comfortable, confident and relaxed anytime you are speaking to a reporter, especially if a TV or video camera is present.

2. How to condense a complex legal argument into a brief, 30-second message with no more than three key points.

3. How to answer questions from reporters. This process is not like answering questions in a court of law.

4. How to package your legal messages in quotable sound bites so that you gain control over the final messages that get in the story.

All of our media training for attorneys is geared toward helping you get the exact, word-for-word quote you want in the final story.

If you would like to discuss the particular media training needs of your attorneys, please call us today at media Training Worldwide 212.764.4955


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