We teach you how to speak effectively to live audiences and to the news media. Whether you are giving a presentation or holding a press conference during a crisis, we help you look your best, create memorable stories and sound bites and deliver winning messages.

Media Training Courses

Are you looking for media training courses? If so, you've come to exactly the right place.

At Media Training Worldwide, we conduct media training courses here in New York City and at our clients' locations throughout the world.

We conduct in-person media training courses, Skype-based courses, and online media training courses. Here is a partial list of these courses:

Media Training: How to Speak To The News Media Effectively

Media Training for Beginners

Emergency Media Training: Facing a Reporter Within 2 Hours

Looking Good on TV: How to Prepare for the Video Camera

Media Training for Print Interviews and Online Publications

Personal Media Training

Media Trainer: How to become a Media Trainer

How to Create Winning Messages

Media Interview Protection Plan

How to Present on a Podcast

How to Speak on Radio

How to Speak at a Press Conference

How to Be a Talk Show Host

How to Conduct Interviews

How to Be a TV Pundit

On-Camera Skills for TV Reporters and News Anchors

Media Training for Financial Service Professionals

Media Training for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Media Training for Authors

How to Be a Government Spokesperson

Most of our in-person media training courses focus on building four skills:

1. How to look your best on camera.

2. How to shape a media message.

3. How to answer reporters' questions.

4. How to speak in sound bites.

The goal is simple: Did you get the exact quote on the precise message you planned into the final story? Our clients are able to say yes.

If you would like to discuss the specifics on how a media training course can be tailored to your exact needs, then call TJ Walker at 212.764.4955 http://www.mediatrainingworldwide.com

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